Directions to HotelDownloadable Directions:  Download directions here: Directions to Coffee Mountain Inn (pdf)

From Panama by Car

We are located in Santa Fe, in the Province of Veraguas in Panama.

  1. From Panama City, drive to Santiago (3 hrs) on the Interamerican Highway.
  2. In Santiago, you will take the turn-off to Santa Fe, on the Santiago-Santa Fe road.  The intersection is at ONLY place where there is a  vehicle overpass over the interamerican in Santiago.
  3. Turn on to the Santiago-Santa Fe road and continue North on road for 57 km  (1 hr) – Santa Fe is at the end of the road. Please note, you will pass through a couple of small villages prior to hitting Santa Fe, continue straight through the towns.  

Road Note One:  There are quite a few potholes on the road.  During daylight, this is a minor inconvenience, during night-time, it makes the road difficult to navigate and takes me up to twice as long to drive.  We recommend leaving Santiago for Santa Fe before 5:30 PM, so you do most of the traveling during daylight hours.

Road Note Two: It is not uncommon for there to be a police check point for unlicensed drivers/vehicles or drunk drivers on the road from Santiago to Santa Fe.  They are just trying to keep you safe-not looking for a bribe (this is not like speed stops where they may be looking for money).   If you come to a checkpoint, simply have your driver’s license from your country of origin ready and your passport. (I have them out and ready when I’m driving)  Hand both to the police officer.  Smile and have a good day.

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From Panama by Bus

Travel by bus in Panama is easy. If you chose to travel by bus, your trip will have three legs: 1) From Panama City to Santiago, 2) From Santiago to Santa Fe, and 3) From the terminal in Santa Fe to Coffee Mountain Inn.  It will take 1-2 hours longer than by car.  The total will be about $12/pp one way.

1) From Panama City to Santiago Terminal

There are two buslines that go from the Gran Terminal in Panama City to Santiago. They are located right next to each other, and alternate with departures every 1/2 hour, so just take the one with the earliest departure. (You buy your ticket at the counter- The two companies are called SANPASA and Expreso Veraguense, so look for those two names above the ticket counter) The buses are air conditioned and some have TV. It will cost $9 /pp. You will be directed into a waiting room (no one actually waits there), then through a turnstyle, where you must deposit a nickel per person – exact change required. Then someone from the bus will help you with your luggage. You will have one rest stop enroute to grab food or go to the bathroom (Beware, no toilet paper in bathrooms).  The bus trip should take about 3.5 hrs.  You will arrive in the front passenger drop off area of the Santiago terminal.

What to do in the Santiago Terminal

Get cash.  Get something to eat/drink. The Santiago bus terminal is pretty small.  You can get cash at the ATM machine there or across the street at the supermarket called Super Carne.  This will be the last ATM you see in a while.

2. From Santiago Terminal to Santa Fe

From Santiago, go from the front drop off area to the back departure area (20m), where you can see buses.  You will take a smaller bus with a capacity of about 30 people, called a coaster (departures every half hour) to Santa Fe. The cost will be $2.90 pp. On this bus, you will pay when you get off. (The Panama-Santiago bus will leave you in the front of the Santiago terminal, and just walk between about 20m to the other side to where all the buses are lined up). The ones that leave for Santa Fe are located to the left, as you’re facing the buses, near the end and leave 6am-6pm. On arriving in Santa Fe, stay on the bus until you reach the end of the line – the building for the Terminal.

3.  Arrival in Santa Fe to Coffee Mountain Inn

From the Santa Fe terminal, we are about 300 m away.  You can walk (see map below), or take a taxi ($1) to our inn.

Other Transportation Options

  1. Taxi from Santiago to Santa Fe (approx $50-$60 one way)
  2. Private Transport from Panama City (approx $300 one way)
  3. Car Rental in Santiago (Thrifty, Economic)   If you don’t want to drive in Panama City, I don’t blame you.   You can rent a car in Santiago.  I recommend making online reservations beforehand.  After getting off the bus at the terminal, take a taxi (they will be lined up where you get off) to the rental store.

In Santa Fe

We are on “Calle al Pantano” next to the Organo Judicial in Santa Fe.

The approximate coordinates (if you have a GPS) are: 8.5175 LAT, -81.0752 LON.

Directions to Coffee Mountain Inn, within Santa Fe