Hiking and Exploring – Santa Fe, Veraguas

Santa Fe is a beautiful place. Below is a map of some of the local attractions in the region

Trail and Hiking Optionns, Santa Fe

  • a – Road to Calovebora: Paved Road for 5 miles – goes through rainforest.  Minimal traffic – good for walking. (pic)
  • b –  Alto de Piedra Waterfall: Series of 3 waterfalls.  20 minute walk to first waterfall. (pic)
  • c – Cerro Tute: Views.  5 hour hike or a 20 minute 4×4 ride. (pic)
  • d – El Alto area / El Salto Waterfall. Views.  Waterfalls 3 hour hike from trail/road (pic)
  • e – Bermejo Waterfall. 45 minute hike from trailhead.  Large falls, slippery rocks. (pic)
  • f – Narices/Chilagre River and National Park. Hike up the river to the continental divide (or the Caribbean – 2 days) (pic)
  • g- Alto de los Gonzales: Scenic views of tropical forest, coffee farms and villages. (pic)