Terms and Conditions – Rentals

Tours and Rentals – Terms & Conditions

 & Good Advice

  1. Weather does not cancel.  We are located in a rain forest.  It often rains.  Once you make a reservation, rain or other types of inclement weather (such as sun) does not cancel.  Of course, there are exceptions.  We may try to leave a bit later (as rain storms often last less than 30 minutes), but we have particular issues with horse rentals or with guide’s time.
  2. There is a cancellation fee/deposit.  Your credit card or cash deposit is needed for all rentals and activities, and for those not staying at the inn, a 50% pre-payment is necessary.  For those that stay at our inn, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied for all day tours except horseback riding.  For horseback riding, the cancellation fee is 100% if not notified and confirmed the night prior.  (We can cancel the horse rental and the guide, if we know ahead of time, but we don’t necessarily check our email after hours).
  3. Safety trumps all. If there is a safety issue that guides determines the route is not safe (such as high river water for innertubing) or bike/horse does not safe, or, we will cancel the trip/rental and, issue a refund.
  4. Role of our innertube and horse guides.   The purpose of our innertube and horse guides is to provide guidance for safety, routes, and equipment/horses and allow you more freedom when exploring the area.   If you chose to go an adventure without a guide, you are responsible for making calls and decisions, and for the equipment itself (innertube or horse & tack).  Over the years, we have found that people who go with guides tend to stay out longer and enjoy themselves more than those who do not.
  5. Injury Disclaimer-it’s not Disneyland.  Going on tours or renting equipment is inherently dangerous.  Though to date, we have had no major injuries on our tours, there is risk inherent in going around in a tropical forest. People have died from falling off horses others have broken arms & legs, visitors have lost their life in sudden surges of river water level.  On our tours, we have had people slip on trails, slip on rocks.  We try what we can to minimize these risks and dangers.  When you go on our tours/rentals, you accept responsibility for these risks.

On Horseback

We recommend you bring a small backpack with a water bottle on your trip.  If you want to swim, bringing a swim suit, or extra change of clothes might be a good idea.  Be aware that it may rain while you are out.

If you lose a horse, its gear, or the horse gets injured through negligence, you agree to pay for the cost of recovery or damage. You are ultimately responsible for the safety of the animal.  As you are responsible for gear, such as saddles, we recommend keeping the horse in an attended area or in your line of sight if you decide to dismount.

Please be aware that traffic or other animals (cows, dogs, or even people) are common in Santa Fe and might distract your trip.

On Innertube

      You should know how to swim and wear a life jacket. This trip may not be appropriate for younger children and the character of the river changes with water level changes.

You will get wet in an innertube.  We recommend leaving valuables & non-waterproof cameras/phones & glasses behind.  You can leave them in the inn’s reception area if you like.

If you decide to ride the river without a guide, you are responsible for your safety and for any damages.  If a tube is damaged,  it is your responsibility to notify us of the damage.  Please don’t hide it by disinflating the tube (sigh…).  Minor holes can be patched for $12.  Loss or total damage of the tube is $45.  We may chose to charge an additional $20 for people who hide damages. (We go to inflate a tube for the next customer, find that someone took out the air to hide a small hole that could have easily been patched, and rather having the equipment ready at the time of rental, we’re short a tube).

Please take note of the pick up location.   If your tube should  burst on your way to the pickup location and are unable to make it, give us a call at 6988-0921, or stand on the side of the main road prior to the pick-up time to flag us down.  Carrying the burst tube will help us spot you.